Friday, March 7, 2008

Ugly Challenge

So the Prez issued a challenge. She got tired of hearing us all piss and moan about fabrics we "hate."

Oh I can't use "that," we all say ... it's too yucky. So she told us all to get a fat quarter of something we hate and bring it in to our meeting on Monday. Tell everyone what's so horrible about it ... then do something with it to make it un-horrible. More palatable, I think was what she said.

Here are the fabrics Jennifer and I chose:

Jenn's is from Robyn Pandolph's Empress Woo's line (which we normally love):

Ross says it looks like faded wallpaper in the diningroom of an old house from the 1920's ... I say it looks like an old hobo stumbled into that dininroom and took a pee on the wall. Jenn says we're both right. UGH!

No one had anything to even say about this ... it just made us all shudder:

Really! Who makes confectionary cupcakes into fabric. I think I might puke. But that might improve it. Double UGH!

Pathways of Peace - the final version

I never posted the end photo of what my challenge quilt looks like. Here it is for all posterity:

Baby Quilts ... gotta love 'em

Ohhh ... there's not much I love more than planning a new baby quilt. Truly ... they just jazz me.

So I've got a new one in the works ... it's based on this:

I'll be using fabrics primarily from Native Arts by Robert Kaufmann ... because they just feel like the right mix for this particular baby, the culture s/he'll be coming from and growing into.