Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Block Busting

As I attempt to both blog and sew with more regularity, I'm finding that blocks can get in my way.

Not quilt blocks ... creativity blocks.  Negative thinking and being that disturbs my ability to get posts written; get quilts finished without a deadline.  How do I learn to keep the promises I make to myself?

I've begun working through "The Artists Way."  It promises to help me work through the blocks and bust them up.

I've begun hanging around at SparkPeople ( and they emphasize the importance of small goals that are easily achieved.  Getting those little things done gives one energy for approaching larger goals.  It builds enthusiasm for goals that can only be achieved through persistence and perseverance.  So.

I've been setting small goals; quilt 4 blocks here.  Cut out 6 blocks there.  Piece them.  Find a new block construction technique and see how it changes your perspective.  Be kind and gracious to myself when it takes more than one day to get things done.  I'm still a mom and a homeschooler with many plates in the air.

Slowly but surely I've been picking away at the blocks in my way.  Achieving small goals and getting things done.  Like this quilt which has languished in my UFO pile for years now.