Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back To the Drawing Board

Okay ... we went back to the drawing board, as it were. Really, we re-visited the class list for the Quilt Festival and found a new class to take. I like the title for this ... Crooked Log Cabin Block for the Precision Impaired ... hahahaha ... that's me entirely. Precision-Impaired. Here's a picture of the blocks we'll make:

I love these ... all cattywompus.

That's on Thursday ... on Saturday, we're going to take class on hand quilting. I've never taken a class for that before. I know I do it all wrong. Okay ... it's not "wrong" for me ... but what I mean is that it takes me for-freakin'-ever and my stitches are HUGE and it makes my hand hurt. Do you hear just a hint of frustration there? So here's the class description:
The act of hand quilting should be fairly rapid, completely painless and very rewarding. If it is not all three of these for you, That Perfect Stitch can help!
In between these we'll enjoy the show ... I still have to get my quilt made. It's going to be a small art quilt ... 18" x 24". The theme of these quilts was concocted via fortune cookies. We drew fabric fortune cookies. My fortune is: "May you travel paths to happiness. "

Hmmm ... I have a lot of ideas about that, but nothing solid yet. I also have a box full of fabric ... enough fabric to make about 17 quilts that size. Two containers of beads. A folder on my desktop full of random pictures. Three books full of tabs that have competing ideas. Yeah ... my cup runneth over. Time to get to work.

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