Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catching Up and Digging In

Today I bring you photographic evidence of the list I wrote in the post below. Herewith I present my quilts ...

Kittens & Posies - the orange inner border is a bright orange silk velvet and the spokes (leaves) are made from silk chiffon backed with fusible interfacing for stability.

Artful Rag Quilt - Black Flannel with b&w prints and a variety of colors. Lots of fun and learning.

Ticker Tape Doll quilt for a niece. These are so easy, bright and fun to make.

Quilt I made and designed to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary. I sent out squares of hand-dyed fabric with gel pens for important people to trace their hands and write a special message for my parents inside. I cut out the hand "prints" and appliqued them to the quilt top.

Here is a detail of the hands ...

The back of a rag quilt I made for my niece when she graduated from high school.  I never did get a photo of the front.  She immediately named this quilt, "The Babymaker" so it shall be called :) 

 Another niece who graduated from high school and her quilt.  It was a busy year :)  This quilt is called Lady of Lake Champlain because this niece spends quite a bit of time on Lake Champlain.  The quilt design is Marcia Hohn's Lady of the Lake 2 from her Quilter's Cache.

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